Sunday, March 9, 2014


Have you heard about discreet homosexuals? How about straight-acting gays?

Wherever part of this world, gays are really rampant. They can be found in any field of work. Gays are very noticeable in fashion, education, health care and arts sectors. They can be also present even in a manly field of work. These people are called discrete gays. They act like straight men but deep inside their body, they are bounded with femininity. Most of these people are common in armed forces, politics and religious divisions.

According to some, being gay is not a choice because if it is so, when did those straight men decided to be straight? Gays are born to be gays. It is just that they are classified into different kinds.

Gays are very obvious in wearing make-ups and dressing like a typical woman way back years ago. In just a single glance, you would be able to identify their true genders. In this new modern society, some gays can be sometimes deceiving. They may look and act like typical straight men.

Some of them go to the gym to have toned muscles and some are working in a field that is filled mostly with straight men. Discrete gays are those homosexuals that can be hardly identified if they are straight or not. Examples to this kind are those gays found in armed forces. They can be hardly recognized because of the nature of their work that requires them to be firm in posture at all times. They are the gays who are afraid to show off their true identity because of their occupations. Imagine if cops are obviously gays, do you think criminals would still get scared to them? Isn't it awkward that a policeman knows how to do parlor stuff like curling of hair? These are the reasons why gays are classified. Gays act the way they do not only because it’s their choice but because of the jobs they have too.

Gays are indeed in everywhere, whether you like them or not, they will always be part of the society. If women are competing with other women way back years ago, women are now competing with gays too. It is very common today that same sex relationships between two men occurs, either discrete or not. Even gender inequality is present; the populace of gays around the world is still continuously increasing.

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