Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Yanis Marshall, French choreographer, teacher and dancer, began dancing at an early age with his mother (Director of a dance association near Cannes). At only 15, he obtained his Jazz Dance EAT (Technical Ability Examination) with honors.

He joined the cast of "Le Roi Soleil". Youngest of the troupe, he was then only 16 years. Yanis continued his career as a dancer with the musical "Les Dix Commandements" and many other shows. In 2009, right after turning 20 years, he met Sheryl Murakami at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City. There he fell in love with the American Street Jazz style and he decided to develop it in France.

With its multidisciplinary training, he now teaches Street Jazz, Lyrical Jazz and Cabaret in heels at Studio Harmonic in Paris and throughout France internships and all over the world. Faced with different levels of teaching, Yanis Marshall demonstrates a great capacity for adaptation.

Today, at only 23 years old he is one of the best hopes of Dance in France. We will quickly understand how he became one of the youngest choreographers and dance teacher in Paris.

Friday, December 27, 2013


According to Huffington Post, an online news aggregator and blog, the existence expectancy of HIV victims raises seemingly the same to normal. Base on the conducted investigation from the 23,000 sample victims, ages from 20 and above in US and Canada between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2007, the life expectancies of HIV positives have dramatically reached the average levels.

There were 1,622 deaths in the North American AIDS Cohort Collaboration, which contributed 82,022 person years to the study, for a crude mortality rate of 19.8 per 1,000 person years. During 2000 to 2002, the life expectancy for a 20-year-old was an additional 36 years. By 2006 to 2007, this figure had leapt to 51 years, so that a 20-year-old could, on average, expect to live into his or her early 70s—almost as long as the general population.

There were key differences in life expectancies between the different subpopulations. There were no significant gender differences in life expectancy except in the 2006 to 2007 period, when the women reached 47 additional years of life expectancy past age 20 and the men 53. Men who have sex with men (MSM) had an expected 69 years of life past 20 by the end of the study period, compared with 29 years for injection drug users—whose life expectancy was essentially flatlined at around 30 years past 20. Non-whites, while still trailing whites, made significant headway in closing the gap. Whites began the study with 53 years and ended it with 57 years of life expectancy past 20, while non-whites started with 30 years and ended with 48. Those with a CD4 count of at least 350, measured when they began, or within six months of beginning, antiretrovirals, had 69 years of life expectancy past 20 in the final period of the study, compared with 47 years for those with CD4 levels below this threshold.

On the other note, the findings do not necessarily mean that it is okay to acquire HIV disease. It is still important to be vigilant and be conscious enough to what we are doing.  Always practice safe sex as much as possible for  HIV kills.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


It was a very windy night of November 9, 2013 when I met Matt in person at a restaurant where there were only few customers. We actually met first in Planetromeo (PR), an online gay/bisexual dating site, a month prior to the date we decided to see each other. Because we are both professionals and we consider ourselves as discrete gays, we did not share any social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and even our photos and phone numbers are in private. PR is our only means to communicate. We have talked on a variety of topics like movies, gadgets, current news, politics and the most interesting of all, SEX, which is our subject most of the time. But, we did not try to open very personal decent topics. We actually have the same interest when it comes to sexual pleasures. Our desires really connect to each other. Our almost day to day chat within one month is really superb. Both of us have learned from the things we shared to each other. In fact, he is really talkative whenever we chatted. I sometimes can’t respond to some of his messages because my one message to him is equivalent to three to five of his. It’s not because I don’t like to answer his questions, I just can’t match his pace. I sometimes feel that I am chatting to an electronic device that can message me so fast.

It was October 29, 2013 when we decided to meet personally but due to conflict of availability, it was not realized yet, our messages in PR still continued. We usually leave messages if we do have time to open the app in our phones. November 6, 2013 was the time we decided again to meet but the same with the first date we set, it did not happen. We were actually not busy at that time it was just that I forgot that I have a commitment on that date to him. So after work, I went home and slept early. I didn’t bother to open my PR anymore at that time. So, early in the morning when I checked my inbox, I had seven messages from him. When I open one, it says, “Where are you now? I am ready. Where shall I meet you? Please reply.” I then immediately responded him with my fake excuse though it’s too late, “Sorry, I was not able to respond you last night. I was sick. I have a cold and cough. I’ll just make it up next time.” I really felt bad at that time. In my mind, I was thinking how he must be pissed off at me for not making what should have been our first meeting. On that day, I never received any message from him; which is unusual for me. So, I message him up more than five times. In the back of my mind, I had a thought that he was really mad at me. So I waited until the next day, November 8, thinking that he might respond to my offline messages. My mentality was truly preoccupied on that day and I was not able to work well. When I got home, I still felt restless until my phone beeped. As I checked my phone, his name, PRMATT, popped up to the screen. I immediately opened it to read his message. I was so surprised; I temporarily forgot my phone’s pass code. When the message was open, I really felt like floating, my heart was beating so fast and my hands were shaking in sweat. “You don’t need to worry dude, I am okay. Sorry I was not able to reply you so soon because I am out of the town for work. I’ll be back tonight” he said. After reading his message, I responded to him immediately. I arranged a date with him for the next day and glad he agreed. We decided the meeting place, time, and our outfits to wear. So, everything was set. 6 o’clock in the evening, after my work, I went to the restaurant we had agreed upon, already prepared from head to toe. I made sure that he won’t be turned off if he sees me. When I got into the restaurant, I sat at the corner table for two and read the menu. I honestly couldn't understand what I was reading at the time. I was really nervous, my knees were shaking and my palms were sweating. As I am reading the menu, my phone beeped. I had an idea that he was the one messaging me. And, as I looked to my phone, his name appeared on the screen. My nervousness was doubled instantly. But, I still composed myself. “I am at the third table to your right” he said. I slowly glance to my right and saw a guy in black shirt. I did not notice him at first ‘coz he was not looking at me. Right at that moment, I felt like going home because of the tension I felt. I say, he was beyond my expectations when I first saw him. He really looked handsome and hot, just think of a tall guy with a Persian beauty with an athletic body. He was really a diamond in the gravel in that place. Not later than 2 minutes, I message him “I saw you now; you can join with me in my table if you want.” So he instantly went to my table and said

“Hello, you are Martin right?”
“Yep! And you are Matt. “
“Nice to meet you. Please, join me.”

To advance the story, we talked on different topics, including personal ones, while eating until we reached the subject that we usually chatted about in PR – Sex. It was awkward to talk about it in that public place but we made sure that no one can hear us. Right then, we decided to try something different aside from talking. Yes, we agreed to have actual sex. We really hadn’t planned for it. But, we knew it was possible, so we were both ready.  It was 7 o’clock when we decided to transfer to a motel, closer the restaurant we are in. So, we hired a taxicab and rode to that place.

203. That was the room number we had checked in to. As we were in the room, sitting on different edges of the bed, both of us were hesitant to move first. We actually couldn’t talk. We just watched cartoons on TV and then smile to each other as our eyes meet. After about ten minutes, he sat beside me. I was really nervous at that moment. It was not my first time to do casual sex. But, I really felt tense. He slowly touched my shoulder, my back, down to my hips. We then kissed torridly. He gradually laid me in bed while we are kissing. I say, he is really the best kisser I’ve tried. Right at that moment, I could feel his manhood was getting bigger and bigger. I slowly touched it and squeezed it gently under his pants. I knew he really liked it because I felt that it was growing more and more firm. He kissed me on my lips so hot, and down to my neck and my chest. That was when I realized that tongue of his had other special uses, aside from food tasting. We then unclothed each other. I could really feel that he has huge bulge under his boxer-briefs. Then he lay on the bed and tried to tease me with his facial expressions. So, I kissed his chest to his nipples while touching his manhood. And he began growling sensuously. I licked from his erect nipple down to his abs and to his cock; his huge cock. While growling, I sucked him sensually. When he began to climax, he held my head with his two big hands while I gave him a blow job. I honestly could not give him a deep-throat blow, due to his size. So, my one hand was a big help at that time. We actually tried different positions while doing that sucking thing but the best position was when he was lying on the edge of the bed with his feet are in floor, I knelt down while giving the blow and he was holding my head. He was really growling passionately at that time. When he was about to cum, he pumped his manhood to my mouth as fast as he pumped my head to him. I expected not to taste his cum but because his climax was so strong I couldn't control it. So, he emptied his hot, sweet, and salty tasting cum into my mouth. That was a great experience.

Truly, that was one of the best sexual encounters I had ever had. We actually did not try fucking because we were not ready at that time. Matt and I are still friends, today. Something had happened between us but, we don’t put label on it. Right now, we are more open to one another. We are confident enough to share personal things between ourselves. We are now actually friends in Facebook. We are following each other on Twitter and Instagram; and he now has my personal digits.  In fact, we have just decided to do it again before 2013 ends. He wants me to prepare plenty of lubricants for next time. So, let’s see what will happen next. Watch out!

A Casual Sex Story
Martin S.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a type of disease that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), a condition that kills the immune system of a human gradually due to the virus capability to replicate. Up to now, AIDS is one of the serious diseases that World Health Organization is trying to find solutions. For more than decades, AIDS is still part of many severe human illnesses that undergoes scientific investigations. Many medications and treatments have come out to the market but, none of these believed that can exterminate the bad viruses totally.

This life-threatening illness can be acquired from different forms. From different resources, here are the following possible causes of the said infection:

Unsafe sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal). Common to people with multiple sexual partners or people who exercise casual sex (casual hookups).

Oral Sex (risk is relative low). The risk may increase if the person giving the blow job has any cuts or scrapes in his or her mouth.

Transfer of blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk.

• Sharing of infected needles used for drugs, tattoos and body piercings.

• From HIV infected mother to her child during pregnancy or child birth.

What are the symptoms?

Early Stage Symptoms

Flu-Like Feeling (for 1-2 weeks: rash on the arms, legs, face, or belly, sore throat, swollen lymph glands, mouth or genital ulcers, bad headaches, muscle aches and joint pain, nausea and, vomiting, night sweats).

Late Stage Symptoms

Sick (swollen lymph glands, unusual lesions on the tongue; skin rashes and bumps, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, cough and shortness of breath, chronic fatigue, fever, chills, and night sweats, rapid weight loss, blurred or distorted vision, other symptoms of infection or disease).

These symptoms can be associated to other illnesses and the only way to know if you are infected with HIV is to get tested. People who are sexually active have high risks to HIV. Thus, today is a wake-up call for them to take the test and take control to avoid the spreading of deadly virus. More so, always remember that prevention is better than cure. Practice safe and clean as always.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Alex. 28. Philippines.

I am a graphic designer for more than a year now. My lifestyle has been circulating between work and home. I am a homeboy type person. I seldom join parties or celebrations. I prefer to work with my PC rather than meeting people from bars, clubs and etc. But, I don’t consider myself as a loner co'z I have a loud circle of friends. We usually talk through Skype or Facebook because we’re all busy now with our different careers. Actually, I am sharing my gay love story to you because I know a lot people from LGBT community can relate to it. My story is not as unique as others do but, I believe it is quite interesting to know.

… fast forward… Back in college on July 2010, in a very hushed Audio Visual Room of the university, I met a guy, Mau, 23 and an IT Student. He was a transferee from other university. For me, he has nice physical features that made me attracted to him; 5’8” in height, athletic built and has dark-skinned beauty. I knew he was a new student in the school because he seemed alone at that time, and I believed it was a good catch for me to talk to him. Like usual first meetings, we got to know each other and I was very glad knowing that we have same interest - Multimedia designing. And, that was the good start of our friendship.

Despite that we’re not in same level, we became close friends. I usually spent my Saturdays and Sundays to his place. Sometimes, we went to different places to unwind for he loves adventure. In fact, he had already traveled to different places with that interest, and Mt. Fuji of Japan is his biggest adventure he had conquered so far. We were really partners in crime wherever we go at that time. We usually talked about family, studies and love lives. I believe that we have great families and our studies got better and better at that point but, we don’t have similar perspective when it comes to love matters.

Mau is straight. He kept on telling me his ideal woman. One time, he felt in love to one of my classmates but, it didn’t work because my classmate is committed at that time. I actually felt bad when I knew he admired someone. It tore me deep inside because I knew everything will change if he has special someone. In fact, Mau did not know that I had an intimate feeling towards him at first. All he knew was, we look each as best buds, nothing more and nothing less.

… fast forward… For more than two years as best friends, I was a graduating student and he was still in his third year at that moment, I had shared a lot to him. It was the time I realized that truth should come out – that I am in love secretly with my best friend. It took me two weeks not to see him because I need space and time to think it over. During our semester break, he was wondering why I acted the way I did. No SMS, emails and calls. I had lots of alibis every time he invited me to go out. Even the death anniversary of my Lolo was used for my excuse and that was funny because my Lolo is still alive until now; he is just in another city.

November 7, 2012. That was the date he confronted me. He visited me in my house without a prior notice. I was really shocked at that moment. When he got in, he hugged me immediately and asked me how I am doing. He dragged me to a couch and started to ask my problems. To my surprise, I was not able to talk and I just gave him fake smile.

Not later than 5 minutes, I started to open up. I was really hesitant at first, but he let me finish talking my sentiments, until I reached the bottom line; that I felt in love to my best friend. After listening, he just smiled back at me and said “I know”. I felt so uneasy hearing those words coming from his mouth. He then later explained to me why he did not allow things to happen. “First, I am straight. I don’t find men attractive. If you think I am to you, you are totally wrong. I consider you as my best friend and I am very happy with that. You will always be my best buddy; nothing more, nothing less.” He said straightforwardly. I was honestly hurt. It took me a moment to understand things. Afterwards, I realized that there is no chance that he will really fall in love to me. That instance proved me that in life, some things are not meant to happen.

… fast forward… After that confrontation, everything was back to normal. We became close friends again. I am glad he did not think differently like other men do when they knew their friends are gays, bisexuals or lesbians. Actually, we were more open to each other now. In fact, if he likes a woman, he tells it to me first before he courts. He always asks my opinion if it is okay to court the girl he finds attractive even though I did not require him to do it.

Today, Mau is working in a BPO company as a Web Designer, and he has a girlfriend for less than a year now. Despite that he is busy with his career, love life and family, he still gives time for us. It is quiet awkward to say that we do friendly dates sometimes, which we usually do during our college days.

I know my story is familiar to some. Sometimes, we fall in love to the people who can’t love us back the way we do. I believe, a lot of gay stories have seemingly same experience to mine. Just a piece of advice, learn to accept things that is really impossible to happen. After all, only you will be much affected if you force it to go off.

My gay love story may not have happy ending as others do, but I am very blissful what had happen for I have learned a lot of things – the value of friendship and acceptance.

This is my gay love story. Alex.

Monday, December 16, 2013


"Gay sex is not natural and we cannot support something which is unnatural," said BJP chief Rajnath Singh of India.

Recently, India has passed a new law stating to criminalize homosexuality. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code makes sex with persons of same gender is punishable by law. This new national rule has been protested by many organizations headed LGBT community in India. It is ironic that the country is tolerating transsexuals but, prohibiting homosexuality. One of the major reasons why gays are not accepted is because they exist unnaturally. They believe that only straight men and women have the right to live in their country which is an obvious sign of gender inequality.

"Sources close to Singh said the BJP chief's statement was a well thought out move. They said that he was not impressed by the argument that gay sex should be allowed as long as it is among consenting adults. "By that yardstick, we should be allowing prostitution also because it also represents consent among adults," said a source close to the BJP chief.

The source also said that Singh was of the opinion that the government should think twice before challenging the SC order. "It does not involve a policy matter. It is about criminal procedure: something which courts are better equipped to deal with. The judges must have examined the issue in its entire complexity," said a source in what marked BJP's disagreement with criticism of the SC order
" (timesofindia.indiatimes)

Anti-Homosexual matter is common in India. This issue has been opposed by Naz Foundation (India) Trust, the National AIDS Control Organisation, Law Commission of India, Union Health Ministry, National Human Rights Commission and The Planning Commission of India, pushing acceptance and gender equality for LGBT community.

To date, anti-homosexuality concern in India is a big debate between government and people. Many believe that the new law should be reviewed and decriminalized, which is also supported by United Nations.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


“The implementing rules on the anti-bullying law have been set, giving the education department powers to suspend private schools that won't act against bullies. As Jing Castaneda tells us, the law also covers bad behavior online.” ANC.

Recently, anti-bullying law in the Philippine education sector has already been passed. Discrimination due to the sexual preference of the person is now against the law. This rule covers that schools are responsible for all cases of bullying, and penalizing private schools if they won’t participate. Bullying in schools, especially in elementary and high school, is very common in the Philippines where LGBT members are most of the victims. Many in this third sex group are academically excelling but, this is relative to the numbers of the group who are discriminated. In some cases, there are some young LGBTs who prefer to stop schooling for they were bullied by their classmates or schoolmates because of their sexual orientation.

This Anti-bullying act of the country brings big impact to the LGBT community in the Philippines. This will help them to act freely in accordance to what is proper to the society. Anti-bullying law in the Philippines does not necessarily mean to make LGBT dominant in the community but to acquire equal rights. Moreover, this law covers the cyber-bullying as well, a type of bullying done through social media, instant messaging or chat which now very obvious.

The objective of this law is to protect the victims and also the bully. Victims will be free from any form of discrimination and bullies will be disciplined. Further, the Department of Education is still calling the community, especially the parents, to help avoid discrimination; by this, quality education will be equally attained by everyone.


The rights of LGBT community is one of the many concerns that the world still facing today. The equality rights of this society have reached the mainstream for more than decades now. The rapid increase number of LGBT members today is relative to the number of organizations pushing the LGBT rights to be realized; however, the aim to acquire privileges is quite far from over. The rights of LGBT are both human and civil which focusing on no discrimination to any of the members all around the world.So, what are those rights do LGBT need then?

Same Sex Marriage. Many of the LGBT members are pushing the right to recognize same sex marriage or civil unions globally. In fact, there are certain places around the world practicing the said right; however, the number of nations which consider this as an immoral act is very huge. In USA, there are several states recognizing the said law as above-board nowadays. California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington are the American territories that legally recognize same sex marriage or civil unions as of December 2013. Even though there are many places where same sex partnership is legal, several countries, even some states of America, are still closing their doors for such right. What’s the purpose of getting married if they could not bear a child? Most of the members on this community wanted to have partner until they reach the old age. It is quite not easy to live if they are both getting old and no children who could take care them both but, the LGBT community have prepared several counseling activities for this issue.

Adoption and Parenting. Most of the LGBT members believe that they have right to adopt children. Since both partners could not bear children, adoption is one of the best solutions to practice their parenting skills. So how would they know how to foster children? The LGBT community organizes trainings and seminars in order to become productive parents. Further, adopting children could be an alternative way of having people that would take care of them in return when they both get old.

Gender Equality. The right to be protected is one of the major concerns of the LGBT community. LGBT nowadays are getting prevalent anywhere but it can’t be denied that there are a lot of this group are bullied or discriminated. It is very obvious that gender inequity is very common in schools internationally and they are physically abused sometimes. Various reports, either television or radio, have featured gender discrimination in the field of education. No matter how LGBTs excel to their classes, they are still persecuted. It’s really hard to believe that there are some students who punch or kick these people without any reason aside from being on the third sex category.

Gender discrimination is also common in workplace. There are jobs which consider gender matters most. Example in military, gays are not allowed. However, there are discrete gays who act very manly to this work. Even in sports like basketball, gays are inevitable. Jason Collins is one of the best examples. Also, some action stars are not really real straight men, Rustom Padilla of Philippines is one. A hunk actor who used to hold guns in his movies turned into a transsexual actress and commercial model. Whatever profession we all know, LGBTs are really in and sometimes they are dominating. On the other note, no matter how these people try their best to be recognized, discrimination is still present. It is so sad to know that some consider them as a disease or a curse. But, what makes LGBTs great is the fact that they still keep their heads up despite of unlawful criticisms.

Overall, the issue of rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders to date is one of the hot topics over the internet globally. This issue is indeed far from over. It’s been more than decades that the LGBT rights have been submitted to different nations’ supreme courts but only few responses have been received up to now. Furthermore, even this society is not fully accepted to entire community, the numerous members who are practicing intimate union are getting more obvious.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

LGBT Blog . . .

      This blog talks about the third sex group of people – lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. It contains all about the lifestyle, rights and love, lust and success stories of LGBT. But if you are thinking that this platform is indecent, you better think twice. The blog contains information that people must know and be proud of. The target readers of this blog do not focus only the people who belong to the group but all people around the globe whatever his or her interests are.

      This blog will also talk about health topics, fashion trends, movies, discreet stories, successful people and celebrities which are relative to LGBT. On the other note, the blog does not only spotlight the positive side of LGBT, it will also inform the people the not so favorable topics such as the impact of the high rate HIV/AIDS victims of gays and bisexuals.

      Furthermore, the site will also tackle funny topics of LGBT. They are considered funny right? So does this blog too. As the author of this blog, I hope that you will enjoy everything what is inside. Moreover, you are free to read and comment here and I would appreciate if you would.

      So, have fun while spending your time in this blog. You make the LGBT group proud for taking your time with their stories.