Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Does Size Really Matter?

Penis comes in different sizes genetically. This means that a man’s penis size is relative to his father’s size. If two men have the same height and weight, it doesn't necessarily signify that they have similar sizes. Penis, like human, is unique (you won’t be able to know it unless you see or try).

Penis size, manhood size, cock size, dick size or whatever you call it, is one of the issues that is talked about frequently by women and homosexuals in terms of their sexual desires. Mostly, they prefer men with bigger sizes compared to those who have smaller ones. Many of them believe that the bigger and the longer the cock is the better. The satisfaction it brings during sexual penetration is different from those who have small or medium dicks.

On the other side, some women and gays do not agree to what is generally liked. For them, the skills in doing the sexual intercourse matter most. A deep penetration can be sometimes painful; thus, a man must be wise enough to know if his partner feels uncomfortable already. According to some women, the most satisfying spot to theirs is not located inside. This means that it doesn't require a large cock to get in to satisfy them.

Large penises can be very painful to homosexuals too especially if anal sex is performed. A human anus has no capability to secrete fluids like what vagina does; making the anus very hard to open once the penis is inserted.

To sum it up, every woman and gay has different need when it comes to man’s penis size since sexual gratification varies from people to people. Generally, they prefer men with big cocks but there are still some who are satisfied with small or medium sizes.
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