Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Last 28th of December 2013, somebody added me on Facebook named Ben. I didn’t know who he was but, his face on his profile picture is quite familiar to me, maybe I saw him  somewhere in the city. Because I wanted to be acquainted with the members of my friends list, I checked his timeline information, photos and friends. I really didn’t know where did he got my FB account, but it seemed we don’t have connections. Since he was online at that time, I immediately messaged him if we really knew each other. I asked him some personal information and it took me few minutes for waiting to his respond. At that moment, I was thinking that the account that I just accepted is a hoax one.

Not later than 30 minutes, my FB chat box beeped. “As I checked your profile, I think I added a wrong person. Sorry for this." he said. Because I felt strange with his very short profile info and he definitely looked attractive on his public photos, I asked him more questions and made him comfortable talking with me. As our conversation got longer and longer, I believed he wouldn't get mad if I raised very personal question, so I asked him if he was gay.

I really thought he got offended when I questioned him that way because he was not able to reply immediately. But, after a few moments he said "Yes!" Because he’s gay, good-looking and very mannered in answering my questions, I kept on chatting him. I say, I was interested to him. I bet he was neither bored nor irritated with me because he too laughed when I joke. I felt that there was something special connection between us.

To forward the story, I actually asked him more sensitive questions. I knew he might get off with my questions but, I am very glad he didn’t. So, we talked about our sex lives, including our experiences and desires.  It was really a fast track that we got to that point, as if we were in hurry because 2013 will end so soon (Lol). But yes, we were comfortable talking about it. Because he got humor too, I invited him for meet ups the next day. He was really hesitant to say yes at first but, he still agreed to meet me. Right at that moment, we exchanged phone numbers for easy messaging. We set the place and time like what others usually do. Because he wanted to make it private, he chose to meet me in a private place. At that time, I could hardly think any private place aside from a motel (by the way, our planned time was 3 p.m.). When I suggested the D’Morvie Inn along Velez St., he did not agree on it instead, he recommended another place – a KTV Room. He actually did not like to meet me in a motel for a reason that there were people might see him when he gets in. He was afraid that people might make issues out of it.

To make it further, On December 27, 2013, around 3p.m., we met at Jollibee in the city and transferred right away to a closer KTV Bar. When we were in and everything was set, the videoke and a bucket of beer, we turned off the lights and talked while watching music videos. Actually, that place was intended for us to sing, since we wanted to chat, we just keyed in plenty of music videos and played them.

When both of us were heated with the beer we drunk, we had agreed to try something different. Because we were both tipsy at that time, he invited me to give him a blow, and since I wanted it too, I did not refuse his offer. Since then, we kissed torridly while I am gently rubbing his tool. I honestly love his cock though; it’s one of the huge cocks I’ve tried (around 7 inches, not an average size of an Asian). Given that we were time bounded at that moment, actions were getting faster and faster. I unzipped him so fast and then sucked his huge tool. I knew he loved the way I did it because he was moaning lustily. Even though I can’t give him a deep-throat blow because of his size, he still loved the way I play my tongue to his hot cock. When he began to climax, he held my head with his one hand and pumped me hard to his. I knew he was so horny at that moment because he was lifting his butt already from the sofa while pushing my head back and forth to his dick. I actually tasted his sweet and salty “pre-cum” at that point and I knew, not too long, he will blow his semen to my mouth. When both of us were so hot and the motion was doubled, somebody knocked on the door. We were so shocked. So, we stopped what we’re and fixed ourselves quickly. We knew that was the attendant knocking the door, reminding our reserved time has ended. Not later than five minutes, we left the room, paid the bill and went home individually as if nothing happened.

It was really a funny experience but as a person who seldom do sexual hookups, I find it nice. We are actually still texting right now. Because our first sex was not through, we have decided to meet on the 28th of February 2014 at his place to continue. He said he will make sure to give me a full blast by that time and I am looking forward to that.

This casual hookup is based on true experience of Alvin, 23 years old and an HRM student.

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