Wednesday, March 12, 2014

States for Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is currently the biggest issue facing the LGBTQ community.  The controversy has been debated recently over the years; however, several countries have opted out of the discussion.  In the United States of America, some states have legalized same-sex marriage.  These places are considered to be the best setting for gay partners who want to get hitched.

The following states have legalized same-sex marriage:

By Court Decision
California, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New Mexico.

By State Legislature
Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

By Popular Vote
Maine, Maryland and Washington.

To date, several European Union countries, and also New Zealand, have legalized marriage equality too. LGBTQ activist organizations and their supporters around the world have considered the redefinition of marriage in these countries as an example for change in the marriage laws of their respective countries. However, even though there are pieces of evidence that support such request, most of the governments do not give favorable verdict to this case.

Additional: Pending for Approval

Utah, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Virginia and Texas.

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Does Size Really Matter?

Penis comes in different sizes genetically. This means that a man’s penis size is relative to his father’s size. If two men have the same height and weight, it doesn't necessarily signify that they have similar sizes. Penis, like human, is unique (you won’t be able to know it unless you see or try).

Penis size, manhood size, cock size, dick size or whatever you call it, is one of the issues that is talked about frequently by women and homosexuals in terms of their sexual desires. Mostly, they prefer men with bigger sizes compared to those who have smaller ones. Many of them believe that the bigger and the longer the cock is the better. The satisfaction it brings during sexual penetration is different from those who have small or medium dicks.

On the other side, some women and gays do not agree to what is generally liked. For them, the skills in doing the sexual intercourse matter most. A deep penetration can be sometimes painful; thus, a man must be wise enough to know if his partner feels uncomfortable already. According to some women, the most satisfying spot to theirs is not located inside. This means that it doesn't require a large cock to get in to satisfy them.

Large penises can be very painful to homosexuals too especially if anal sex is performed. A human anus has no capability to secrete fluids like what vagina does; making the anus very hard to open once the penis is inserted.

To sum it up, every woman and gay has different need when it comes to man’s penis size since sexual gratification varies from people to people. Generally, they prefer men with big cocks but there are still some who are satisfied with small or medium sizes.
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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Have you heard about discreet homosexuals? How about straight-acting gays?

Wherever part of this world, gays are really rampant. They can be found in any field of work. Gays are very noticeable in fashion, education, health care and arts sectors. They can be also present even in a manly field of work. These people are called discrete gays. They act like straight men but deep inside their body, they are bounded with femininity. Most of these people are common in armed forces, politics and religious divisions.

According to some, being gay is not a choice because if it is so, when did those straight men decided to be straight? Gays are born to be gays. It is just that they are classified into different kinds.

Gays are very obvious in wearing make-ups and dressing like a typical woman way back years ago. In just a single glance, you would be able to identify their true genders. In this new modern society, some gays can be sometimes deceiving. They may look and act like typical straight men.

Some of them go to the gym to have toned muscles and some are working in a field that is filled mostly with straight men. Discrete gays are those homosexuals that can be hardly identified if they are straight or not. Examples to this kind are those gays found in armed forces. They can be hardly recognized because of the nature of their work that requires them to be firm in posture at all times. They are the gays who are afraid to show off their true identity because of their occupations. Imagine if cops are obviously gays, do you think criminals would still get scared to them? Isn't it awkward that a policeman knows how to do parlor stuff like curling of hair? These are the reasons why gays are classified. Gays act the way they do not only because it’s their choice but because of the jobs they have too.

Gays are indeed in everywhere, whether you like them or not, they will always be part of the society. If women are competing with other women way back years ago, women are now competing with gays too. It is very common today that same sex relationships between two men occurs, either discrete or not. Even gender inequality is present; the populace of gays around the world is still continuously increasing.

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