Sunday, December 15, 2013


The rights of LGBT community is one of the many concerns that the world still facing today. The equality rights of this society have reached the mainstream for more than decades now. The rapid increase number of LGBT members today is relative to the number of organizations pushing the LGBT rights to be realized; however, the aim to acquire privileges is quite far from over. The rights of LGBT are both human and civil which focusing on no discrimination to any of the members all around the world.So, what are those rights do LGBT need then?

Same Sex Marriage. Many of the LGBT members are pushing the right to recognize same sex marriage or civil unions globally. In fact, there are certain places around the world practicing the said right; however, the number of nations which consider this as an immoral act is very huge. In USA, there are several states recognizing the said law as above-board nowadays. California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington are the American territories that legally recognize same sex marriage or civil unions as of December 2013. Even though there are many places where same sex partnership is legal, several countries, even some states of America, are still closing their doors for such right. What’s the purpose of getting married if they could not bear a child? Most of the members on this community wanted to have partner until they reach the old age. It is quite not easy to live if they are both getting old and no children who could take care them both but, the LGBT community have prepared several counseling activities for this issue.

Adoption and Parenting. Most of the LGBT members believe that they have right to adopt children. Since both partners could not bear children, adoption is one of the best solutions to practice their parenting skills. So how would they know how to foster children? The LGBT community organizes trainings and seminars in order to become productive parents. Further, adopting children could be an alternative way of having people that would take care of them in return when they both get old.

Gender Equality. The right to be protected is one of the major concerns of the LGBT community. LGBT nowadays are getting prevalent anywhere but it can’t be denied that there are a lot of this group are bullied or discriminated. It is very obvious that gender inequity is very common in schools internationally and they are physically abused sometimes. Various reports, either television or radio, have featured gender discrimination in the field of education. No matter how LGBTs excel to their classes, they are still persecuted. It’s really hard to believe that there are some students who punch or kick these people without any reason aside from being on the third sex category.

Gender discrimination is also common in workplace. There are jobs which consider gender matters most. Example in military, gays are not allowed. However, there are discrete gays who act very manly to this work. Even in sports like basketball, gays are inevitable. Jason Collins is one of the best examples. Also, some action stars are not really real straight men, Rustom Padilla of Philippines is one. A hunk actor who used to hold guns in his movies turned into a transsexual actress and commercial model. Whatever profession we all know, LGBTs are really in and sometimes they are dominating. On the other note, no matter how these people try their best to be recognized, discrimination is still present. It is so sad to know that some consider them as a disease or a curse. But, what makes LGBTs great is the fact that they still keep their heads up despite of unlawful criticisms.

Overall, the issue of rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders to date is one of the hot topics over the internet globally. This issue is indeed far from over. It’s been more than decades that the LGBT rights have been submitted to different nations’ supreme courts but only few responses have been received up to now. Furthermore, even this society is not fully accepted to entire community, the numerous members who are practicing intimate union are getting more obvious.

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