Wednesday, December 25, 2013


It was a very windy night of November 9, 2013 when I met Matt in person at a restaurant where there were only few customers. We actually met first in Planetromeo (PR), an online gay/bisexual dating site, a month prior to the date we decided to see each other. Because we are both professionals and we consider ourselves as discrete gays, we did not share any social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and even our photos and phone numbers are in private. PR is our only means to communicate. We have talked on a variety of topics like movies, gadgets, current news, politics and the most interesting of all, SEX, which is our subject most of the time. But, we did not try to open very personal decent topics. We actually have the same interest when it comes to sexual pleasures. Our desires really connect to each other. Our almost day to day chat within one month is really superb. Both of us have learned from the things we shared to each other. In fact, he is really talkative whenever we chatted. I sometimes can’t respond to some of his messages because my one message to him is equivalent to three to five of his. It’s not because I don’t like to answer his questions, I just can’t match his pace. I sometimes feel that I am chatting to an electronic device that can message me so fast.

It was October 29, 2013 when we decided to meet personally but due to conflict of availability, it was not realized yet, our messages in PR still continued. We usually leave messages if we do have time to open the app in our phones. November 6, 2013 was the time we decided again to meet but the same with the first date we set, it did not happen. We were actually not busy at that time it was just that I forgot that I have a commitment on that date to him. So after work, I went home and slept early. I didn’t bother to open my PR anymore at that time. So, early in the morning when I checked my inbox, I had seven messages from him. When I open one, it says, “Where are you now? I am ready. Where shall I meet you? Please reply.” I then immediately responded him with my fake excuse though it’s too late, “Sorry, I was not able to respond you last night. I was sick. I have a cold and cough. I’ll just make it up next time.” I really felt bad at that time. In my mind, I was thinking how he must be pissed off at me for not making what should have been our first meeting. On that day, I never received any message from him; which is unusual for me. So, I message him up more than five times. In the back of my mind, I had a thought that he was really mad at me. So I waited until the next day, November 8, thinking that he might respond to my offline messages. My mentality was truly preoccupied on that day and I was not able to work well. When I got home, I still felt restless until my phone beeped. As I checked my phone, his name, PRMATT, popped up to the screen. I immediately opened it to read his message. I was so surprised; I temporarily forgot my phone’s pass code. When the message was open, I really felt like floating, my heart was beating so fast and my hands were shaking in sweat. “You don’t need to worry dude, I am okay. Sorry I was not able to reply you so soon because I am out of the town for work. I’ll be back tonight” he said. After reading his message, I responded to him immediately. I arranged a date with him for the next day and glad he agreed. We decided the meeting place, time, and our outfits to wear. So, everything was set. 6 o’clock in the evening, after my work, I went to the restaurant we had agreed upon, already prepared from head to toe. I made sure that he won’t be turned off if he sees me. When I got into the restaurant, I sat at the corner table for two and read the menu. I honestly couldn't understand what I was reading at the time. I was really nervous, my knees were shaking and my palms were sweating. As I am reading the menu, my phone beeped. I had an idea that he was the one messaging me. And, as I looked to my phone, his name appeared on the screen. My nervousness was doubled instantly. But, I still composed myself. “I am at the third table to your right” he said. I slowly glance to my right and saw a guy in black shirt. I did not notice him at first ‘coz he was not looking at me. Right at that moment, I felt like going home because of the tension I felt. I say, he was beyond my expectations when I first saw him. He really looked handsome and hot, just think of a tall guy with a Persian beauty with an athletic body. He was really a diamond in the gravel in that place. Not later than 2 minutes, I message him “I saw you now; you can join with me in my table if you want.” So he instantly went to my table and said

“Hello, you are Martin right?”
“Yep! And you are Matt. “
“Nice to meet you. Please, join me.”

To advance the story, we talked on different topics, including personal ones, while eating until we reached the subject that we usually chatted about in PR – Sex. It was awkward to talk about it in that public place but we made sure that no one can hear us. Right then, we decided to try something different aside from talking. Yes, we agreed to have actual sex. We really hadn’t planned for it. But, we knew it was possible, so we were both ready.  It was 7 o’clock when we decided to transfer to a motel, closer the restaurant we are in. So, we hired a taxicab and rode to that place.

203. That was the room number we had checked in to. As we were in the room, sitting on different edges of the bed, both of us were hesitant to move first. We actually couldn’t talk. We just watched cartoons on TV and then smile to each other as our eyes meet. After about ten minutes, he sat beside me. I was really nervous at that moment. It was not my first time to do casual sex. But, I really felt tense. He slowly touched my shoulder, my back, down to my hips. We then kissed torridly. He gradually laid me in bed while we are kissing. I say, he is really the best kisser I’ve tried. Right at that moment, I could feel his manhood was getting bigger and bigger. I slowly touched it and squeezed it gently under his pants. I knew he really liked it because I felt that it was growing more and more firm. He kissed me on my lips so hot, and down to my neck and my chest. That was when I realized that tongue of his had other special uses, aside from food tasting. We then unclothed each other. I could really feel that he has huge bulge under his boxer-briefs. Then he lay on the bed and tried to tease me with his facial expressions. So, I kissed his chest to his nipples while touching his manhood. And he began growling sensuously. I licked from his erect nipple down to his abs and to his cock; his huge cock. While growling, I sucked him sensually. When he began to climax, he held my head with his two big hands while I gave him a blow job. I honestly could not give him a deep-throat blow, due to his size. So, my one hand was a big help at that time. We actually tried different positions while doing that sucking thing but the best position was when he was lying on the edge of the bed with his feet are in floor, I knelt down while giving the blow and he was holding my head. He was really growling passionately at that time. When he was about to cum, he pumped his manhood to my mouth as fast as he pumped my head to him. I expected not to taste his cum but because his climax was so strong I couldn't control it. So, he emptied his hot, sweet, and salty tasting cum into my mouth. That was a great experience.

Truly, that was one of the best sexual encounters I had ever had. We actually did not try fucking because we were not ready at that time. Matt and I are still friends, today. Something had happened between us but, we don’t put label on it. Right now, we are more open to one another. We are confident enough to share personal things between ourselves. We are now actually friends in Facebook. We are following each other on Twitter and Instagram; and he now has my personal digits.  In fact, we have just decided to do it again before 2013 ends. He wants me to prepare plenty of lubricants for next time. So, let’s see what will happen next. Watch out!

A Casual Sex Story
Martin S.


  1. Lubricant lng? Include rubber, just to be safe :)

  2. Grabe, casual sex jud. where's the part 2? lol