Sunday, December 15, 2013


“The implementing rules on the anti-bullying law have been set, giving the education department powers to suspend private schools that won't act against bullies. As Jing Castaneda tells us, the law also covers bad behavior online.” ANC.

Recently, anti-bullying law in the Philippine education sector has already been passed. Discrimination due to the sexual preference of the person is now against the law. This rule covers that schools are responsible for all cases of bullying, and penalizing private schools if they won’t participate. Bullying in schools, especially in elementary and high school, is very common in the Philippines where LGBT members are most of the victims. Many in this third sex group are academically excelling but, this is relative to the numbers of the group who are discriminated. In some cases, there are some young LGBTs who prefer to stop schooling for they were bullied by their classmates or schoolmates because of their sexual orientation.

This Anti-bullying act of the country brings big impact to the LGBT community in the Philippines. This will help them to act freely in accordance to what is proper to the society. Anti-bullying law in the Philippines does not necessarily mean to make LGBT dominant in the community but to acquire equal rights. Moreover, this law covers the cyber-bullying as well, a type of bullying done through social media, instant messaging or chat which now very obvious.

The objective of this law is to protect the victims and also the bully. Victims will be free from any form of discrimination and bullies will be disciplined. Further, the Department of Education is still calling the community, especially the parents, to help avoid discrimination; by this, quality education will be equally attained by everyone.

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