Monday, December 16, 2013


"Gay sex is not natural and we cannot support something which is unnatural," said BJP chief Rajnath Singh of India.

Recently, India has passed a new law stating to criminalize homosexuality. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code makes sex with persons of same gender is punishable by law. This new national rule has been protested by many organizations headed LGBT community in India. It is ironic that the country is tolerating transsexuals but, prohibiting homosexuality. One of the major reasons why gays are not accepted is because they exist unnaturally. They believe that only straight men and women have the right to live in their country which is an obvious sign of gender inequality.

"Sources close to Singh said the BJP chief's statement was a well thought out move. They said that he was not impressed by the argument that gay sex should be allowed as long as it is among consenting adults. "By that yardstick, we should be allowing prostitution also because it also represents consent among adults," said a source close to the BJP chief.

The source also said that Singh was of the opinion that the government should think twice before challenging the SC order. "It does not involve a policy matter. It is about criminal procedure: something which courts are better equipped to deal with. The judges must have examined the issue in its entire complexity," said a source in what marked BJP's disagreement with criticism of the SC order
" (timesofindia.indiatimes)

Anti-Homosexual matter is common in India. This issue has been opposed by Naz Foundation (India) Trust, the National AIDS Control Organisation, Law Commission of India, Union Health Ministry, National Human Rights Commission and The Planning Commission of India, pushing acceptance and gender equality for LGBT community.

To date, anti-homosexuality concern in India is a big debate between government and people. Many believe that the new law should be reviewed and decriminalized, which is also supported by United Nations.

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