Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The Philippines is a country which is rich in culture and tradition. It is bounded with beautiful places and hospitable people. PH is also a country with thousands of homosexuals. I believe that its democratic type of government has a huge impact on the rapid increase of its population.

Homosexuals, whether obvious or not, are very prevalent in every region of the Philippines. They have shared a great percentage to the totality of the country’s population.

 Despite its rampancy, same sex marriage in the country is a big problem. Many gay advocates have worked on this issue. But, there is no acceptance of such laws up till now. Same sex marriage is one of the biggest challenges to all LGBTIQ members. No matter how strong the force in pursuing it to be legalized, there are still reverse pressures that pull their efforts down.

 Among the reasons such a bill cannot be legalized are the following:

1. Religion. Philippines is Asia’s largest Christian nation. It doesn't allow any marriage deviations to what is taught in churches.

2. Psychological Effect. Same sex marriage is thought to confuse the little minds of children. It is believed that children cannot understand how two men or women can bear a child.

3. Health Issues. It is believed that most HIV/AIDS victims are gay. In fact, Philippines is one of the countries with the highest rates of HIV/AIDS victims. The government would not allow such marriages because of their fear of worsening the number of cases.

Same sex marriage in the Philippines is indeed a battle for LGBTIQ individuals. They are partly accepted by society, but some of their legal rights are still far from reach.

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